Our product

Flushaloo was designed to unclog your toilets and drains, safely and effectively. It contains the same active ingredients as familiar products, but its intense fizz boosts its effectiveness.

Its bubbly chemical reaction draws the clog right up to the surface.

Flushaloo has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Once the bubbling subsides, its reactive agents are neutralized, without releasing pollutants into the environment or leaving any residual toxicity.

A surprisingly effective unclogger, Flushaloo is:

  • Intensely fizzy
  • Odourless
  • Safe for plumbing and septic systems
  • Packaged in one-use portions for optimal unclogging 

What is the fizz all about?

A bubbly reaction occurs when Flushaloo comes into contact with water. This chemical reaction releases a gas that applies additional pressure to help unclog your drain and toilet. On top of this physical and chemical reaction, Flushaloo uses agents to chemically soften and melt the clog that’s impeding proper flushing and draining.

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How does that work ?

  1. Unclogging a toilet
    1. Pour a portion into the toilet
    2. Watch the reaction
    3. Flush the toilet once the fizz has abated

    Unclogging a drain

    When the drain is dry:

    1. Remove any residue and the drain filter, if necessary
    2. Pour a portion into the drain
    3. Activate the product by letting hot water run over it for two seconds
    4. Wait one to two minutes
    5. Rinse with a strong flow of hot water for a minute or two